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India-Pak tops social media buzz: MEC’s World Cup Chatter

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, dubbed as the first truly digital Cricket World Cup, has already taken over social media, especially when high-interest teams are on the field. A MEC analysis ‘World Cup Chatter’ that tracls engagement level on social media during cricket matches, affirms the intensity around the likes of India – Pakistan match.

Chatter around India and South Africa was 30 per cent lower than that around India and Pakistan World cup match. India versus South Africa match – #IndvsSA garnered only 0.2 million mentions as compared to India versus Pakistan – #IndvsPak at 0.3 million.

world cup chatter

#cwc15 garnered 0.1 million mentions for both matches. Dhawan was the most talked about player during the India and South Africa match, but received almost half mentions only as compared to Kohli during India and Pakistan match.

In the advertising space, Nike’s #bleedblue continued to be the most talked about brand mention, but received only 40 per cent mentions compared to that during Ind/Pak. #Maukamauka of start sports has gained talk value during Ind/SA with their new TVCs, mentions almost similar to #bleedblue.

It is probably clear that no match generates as much excitement and engagement as a match between arch rivals India and Pakistan. MEC continues to track consumers’ online engagement through the World cup to understand what trends emerge.