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India, the epicentre for global internet governance

The euphoria on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India Programme is guiding the sentiment of technology inclined marketers in India and development in the space to grab the attention of its consumers. Industry experts believe that in the digital marketing environment, the global focus will inevitably shift to developing economies such as India.

At a recent event held in India, Sujoy Joshi, Director of Observer Research Foundation highlighted the contribution of Digital India plan to the global digital drive and said, “through its Digital India initiative, the government of India seeks to leverage the power of technology and connect the next billion to the internet.”

Connectivity to internet will create inclusive framework and foster financial inclusion, better healthcare facilities and education in the Indian community, he added. Internet governance is therefore now a key part of nation’s building strategies and the growing number of internet users in India has only started to realise how internet works for them.

“India is central to the digital world and it is not just getting into the digital drive but it is an incumbent part of it. Going forward, India is not going to be digitally empowered but will be a digital superpower and ensure that the power of internet is going in the right direction,” said Fadi Chehade, Chief Executive Officer of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

India is going to be not only responsible for guiding the direction of the power tool such as Internet but have a say in its growth among other key members of the global digital community. According to market estimates, India is adding at least 7 million internet users per month to the total base.

The Digital India initiative exemplifies the greater interest, dependence and opportunities of the digital medium. The shift of the epicenter of the digital economy coupled with enhanced engagement between the developed an emerging nations on managing this medium, makes the Asia region in general, and India specifically, one of the key players.