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Indian marketers embrace social media for content marketing

Marketers in India are expected to include content marketing as an integral part of their marketing mix in 2015, especially in the retail and ecommerce domain, according to a research by Octane Research titled ‘The Digital DNA’ which explores into the domain of e-marketing in India in 2015. As the online consumer base has risen to 278 million from 120 million in 2011 marketers will be seen employing innovative strategies in order to leverage this consumer base.

Brands across the board are using several platforms of social media to engage the consumer and attract them. It is important for the marketer to supply relevant content to the consumer that will help the brand to retain the consumer. Therefore, Indian marketers are investing more time and energy in creating engaging content for the consumer.

The research highlighted that 64 per cent marketers agree that content marketing is the core ingredient for brand awareness and 56 per cent marketers said that it helps in engaging the audience.

Further, rise in the appeal of social media and more users adopting the platform has lead to its increased use for content marketing by Indian marketers. “For the consumers, social media is not only a platform for sharing grievances regarding the product of service but it can also be a source of positive advertising if the customer is satisfied with the product and recommends it to his friends,” said Lloyd Mathias, Head of Marketing at Hewlett-Packard India.

However, 61 per cent Indian marketers hold on to old fashioned and traditional blogs and newsletter for content marketing followed by 52 per cent favouring the social media platform and 38 per cent opting for images and infographics.

Retail and online commerce companies and educational organisation lead the content on social media for content marketing with 71 per cent and 63 per cent respectively. Travel and tourism companies follow with 55 per cent votes, the research said.

“Overall, only 24 per cent marketers voted that social media improves sales, it goes even lower to 15 per cent for the banking, financial services and institutions sector. But, in the retail and ecommerce sector, 82 per cent marketers think that social media is an effective tool for engaging consumers,” the report added.

Also, ‘add sign-up forms on Facebook fan page’ works better for 62 per cent of the marketers from the travel and tourism industry. The other thing that marketers do to utilise social media is incentivise social sharing and give the option of ‘refer to friends’ on the social media platform.

According to an analysis, 74 per cent marketers said that social media helps in increasing exposure, therefore marketers are always looking for ways to integrate social media in every form of communication.