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Infographic: FB’s numbers impressive, but it is tapping out the connected world

The 1.23 billion number of monthly active users is impressive but you can already sense a recurring theme. In the coming year, we will hear from Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook) and others ‘we’re focused on growing the number of connected people around the world’. This essentially means what many have been saying – Facebook is tapping out the connected world and growth for the platform is dependent on connecting more people to the web.

FB earnings infographic

IPG Mediabrands’ @SpringCreek has collated the information from FB’s Investor official page

The fact that 945 million people are accessing Facebook via mobile device plays well into the hands of the company who have pivoted to become what is essentially a mobile company. Match that with the fact that 53 per cent of Facebook’s revenue actually came from mobile ads, and you’ve got a good idea where Facebook has been focusing a majority of their time and efforts.

The 70 per cent number associated with increase in use of Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s way of swatting away the WhatsApps, Lines and Vibers of the world. Interestingly absent from that same conversation, though, was any real mention of Instagram growth or even revenue from the network’s fledgling ad offering program which launched recently in the US. We’d expect Facebook to have a separate Instagram announcement which you can bet will focus on the growing size of the community along with adoption (if positive) of their inbox feature, which is a semi-competitor to Snapchat’s photo-focused communication app.


The author, Ron Schott, is the Head of Spring Creek Group at IPG Mediabrands.

The Infographic has been created by the company using information available at Facebook’s official website