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InMobi makes tracking mobile campaigns easy

InMobi, one of the largest independent mobile advertising networks, is helping advertisers track the performance of their mobile campaigns through the new InMobi Ad Tracker. The mobile conversion tracking platform provides real time analytics which will allow advertisers to measure multiple conversions on both mobile web and app campaigns, across all advertising networks. Since InMobi Ad Tracker is independent of InMobi Ad Network, it is not reliant on UDIDs or any device based ids, so it is free to integrate and use. This combination provides the only independent, scalable and cost-effective solution for managing mobile campaign performance in a rapidly growing market.

Talking about the launch of this new platform, Phalgun Raju, regional director and GM for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, InMobi said, “Advertisers in Asia now have a new tool to help them build more effective campaigns. InMobi Ad Tracker is a UDID free solution that is independent from the InMobi Ad Network and tracks conversions across all mobile ad networks. InMobi Ad Tracker gives marketing managers and advertisers real time feedback on all conversions that they attribute, giving them accurate insights into their mobile campaign results and allowing them to optimise campaigns in real time. This makes their mobile advertising work harder and maximizies ROI.”

What makes InMobi Ad Tracker relevant for mobile advertisers across the board is that that it is network agnostic and works across all mobile ad networks, and it combines multiple tracking technologies to ensure no dependencies on UDID and any form of device ID. Advertisers get a single login to access conversion data across all mobile ad networks, and have a real time dashboard view of all conversion events. Further the platform also has the ability to define bespoke goals like downloads, registrations, payments etc. “This highly scalable and accurate solution offers marketers and advertisers unprecedented visibility of the performance of their ads. The Ad Tracker solution is cloud based, allowing it unparalleled scalability for inventory across the globe,” informed Raju, explaining the benefits of the Ad Tracker. In fact it is easy to integrate into iOS and Android Apps, and offers JavaScript integration for mobile web campaigns.