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Inskin rolls out new mobile ad format to overcome ad blocking

Digital advertising company Inskin unveiled a new smartphone ad format. Appearing with a campaign for fashion label G2000, the new smartphone version of Inskin’s Pageskin Plus format is designed to more deeply engage mobile web audiences, overcome ad blocking and help monetise mobile web content.

Pageskin Plus wraps around the top and right-hand side of mobile web content, offering space in the header to showcase brand creative. On the right-hand side, branding and calls-to-action accompany the reader down the page as they scroll.

With G2000 as the launch client, Inskin has introduced the new Swipeout feature which offers users the opportunity to expand the creative sidebar to peruse advertiser content. Swipeout delivers a large, dynamic space for creative executions, while also providing a considerate user experience. G2000 has used the expanded format to offer six content tiles, featuring video, images and messaging from their ‘Gen 2. Work for Values’ campaign. Each tile has a unique click event and links to a different section of their website.

According to data from InSkin, smartphone campaign results for G2000 show an average in-view time of 43.91 seconds and an in-view rate of 89.77 per cent. The CTR across all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) was 3.76 per cent.

Valerie Chua, Manager of Starcom says they’re thrilled with the campaign’s performance. “G2000 is one of Asia’s most dynamic fashion labels, and strong imagery is essential when we communicate with customers. Inskin’s range of formats has provided the ideal multi-screen platform for a content-led digital brand campaign. We’ve produced campaign creative that speaks to the heart of our brand, and it’s been hugely valuable to find a smartphone format that allows us to properly convey the quality and passion of G2000 to a mobile-centric, millennial audience,” Ms Chua added.

Inskin Media Asia GM Angeline Lodhia says a great deal of thinking went into making Pageskin Plus a strong offering for advertisers, publishers and users. “Pageskin Plus with Swipeout has been designed to be a powerful way to engage mobile web consumers with brand campaigns. Swipeout allows users to learn more about a brand without needing to click away from the publisher environment. The tiles are scrollable and can contain images, text or video, which plays full screen on user interaction. Swipeout also offers individual tile reporting. Each tile can have a unique click event and individual tile views are counted, providing complete transparency in campaign reporting,” said Ms Lodhia.

“The strong campaign performance we’re seeing is also a credit to the wonderful creative G2000 have produced. Mobile continues to ascend in the Asian media landscape, and with this campaign G2000 have jumped to the forefront of the race to reach and engage with the mobile audience,” she added.

The campaign also ran across desktop and tablet formats.