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Internet of Things will become a big tool for online marketing

With another remarkable year having gone by, it is time to reflect at ‘the Digital Marketing Trends in 2015’ and the key takeways which would set the tone for ‘What would the Trend in Digital World be in year 2016?’

2015 was big for Content marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing. Content was undoubtedly the king, it is considered to be so essential for successful digital marketing that it cannot be dismissed as a trend. It’s the voice of the brand that gets reflected through the content that gets published. This is why the content development got all the more important.

On one hand the Social Media Ad spend increased, on the other, the Social Media diversified. Marketers started investing more time in other platforms while continuing to invest money in Facebook itself. LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook were the core tool for engaging customers. Pinterest and Instagram both launching ad platforms is definitely the most exciting digital marketing development in 2015.

Trends clearly showed that Mobile platform showed an exponential growth. The marketers, all across the globe, used the mobile platform, the ads on this platform was resonating all the way. In the present times, it won’t be an understatement to say that ‘MOBILE DOMINATES’

Videos became a necessity. The saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, so imagine what a one minute video is worth to your business brand. With the popularity of online videos soaring with every passing day, videos are appearing in various formats like -about us, product description, product demonstrations, interviews and humorous videos that help your target market feel a connection with your business

Businesses made a shift to a more personalized, ‘human experience’ for consumers than ever before. Personalization is the key differentiator of successful businesses with those struggling to make a headway. The humongous contribution this makes for current & future success cannot be ignored.

Businesses returned to the one marketing asset that they could control entirely: their email list. The renewed focus on email marketing intertwined with content marketing to blur the lines      between email and content marketing. This is the most effective way to reach your customers.

As digital ad spending soars and spending on traditional media stagnates, digital media will be an even greater focus for marketers in 2016. CONTENT and CONTENT will rule. It will be crucial for brands to make sure their messages are as native and personalized as possible. The benefits of personalization include higher response and conversion rates, brand loyalty and repeat customers.

The Mobile has shown a stupendous growth as an advertising platform, marketers will have to think Mobile first. Social Media has been & will be a powerful platform to reach the target audiences. Online video will be the shining star, being a highly effective storytelling medium.

Virtual Reality will grow tremendously in this year. We have some key players like Microsoft, Facebook, and HTC, Google Cardboard. There are dozens of different virtual reality devices set to release in the next few years. Oculus rift, arguably the most hyped VR device, is set to release in the first quarter of 2016. Oculus Rift and other VR devices will introduce an entire new medium of online advertising.

The talk of every town the ‘Apple Watch’ made  a grand entry last year. More smart watches and similar wearable devices will start emerging this year. Wearable technology will do more to blur the line between online marketing & real marketing. Internet of Things will become a bigger and bigger tool for online marketing.