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IPG Mediabrands expands programmatic buying capability Cadreon’s Asia presence

Soon after Magna Global, IPG Mediabrands’ investment intelligence agency, forecasted programmatic buying as one of the key trends impacting digital media advertising for 2013, the media holding company has rolled out Cadreon, its programmatic buying capability across what it defines as World Markets Asia. Mediabrands had already implemented programmatic buying for key clients in China, Japan and Australia (part of IPG Mediabrands’ G-14 markets) in 2012.

Operating as an independent media buyer, Cadreon will integrate inventory and data from multiple domestic and international demand side platform (DSP) partners in an attempt to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of digital communications across digital display, online video and mobile platforms.

Cadreon’s aims to deliver the lowest optimised ‘Cost Per Acquisition’ against the industry benchmarks. The company believes that its proprietary ‘Smart’ premium targeting tool that intuitively understands the user behaviour to accelerate campaign performance in digital communications, brings it a competitive advantage in this process.

“Cadreon brings next generation performance marketing in the form of real time, adaptive, and prospect-aware optimisation that drives outcome right to the end of the purchase funnel. We have piloted this across a spectrum of clients in Asia in last one year and the marginal returns attest to its real impact. We are very excited to open this to our full range of clients,” stated Prashant Kumar, President of IPG Mediabrands World Markets Asia.

A team of Cadreon specialists will offer a series of performance capabilities for advertisers including identifying high value audiences and creating customised marketplaces for each client to connect with their consumers across multiple platforms.

Cadreon is one of the core specialist capabilities offered under Mediabrands Audience Platform. The others include search specialist Reprise Media, social media specialist, Rally and Spring Creek, Analytics and the branded entertainment specialist Ensemble, and mobile specialist Ansible.

Cadreon does not arbitrage or follow the practice of buying media and the reselling it at a profit to clients without disclosing to clients the original cost and is hence seen transparent.