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IPG Mediabrands launches Rapport in Malaysia

IPG Mediabrands has launched Rapport in Malaysia, a global specialist network agency in the Out-of-Home (OOH) sector. Leading Rapport in Malaysia as Managing Director is Hor Jian Tsin. He will lead a specialised team capable of understanding the connections between brands and the behaviour of its consumers, within a rapidly evolving industry such as OOH.

Mr Jian Tsin commented, “We are extremely excited about Rapport as it brings in a whole new approach to outdoor advertising, not just looking into traditional OOH formats, but forming more engaging campaigns that have a mobile element. Through this connectivity we are creating highly adaptive and innovative OOH experiences that better allows brands to engage with consumers.”

Mr Jian Tsin reports directly to Bala Pomaleh, CEO of IPG Mediabrands, who is highly experienced in the OOH sector in Malaysia.

Mr Pomaleh added, “We see the strength of OOH in Malaysia, especially given the growth of digital OOH. Progressive technologies, mobile and social listening have allowed us to become even more connected with our consumers. It is our desire for Rapport to create a competitive advantage for advertisers, and the launch of Rapport Malaysia clearly reflects this ambition, placing us at the centre of strategic OOH planning for clients.”

Michael Cooper, Global President of Rapport elaborated, “As the network continues to expand, so do our learnings. Evolutions in the OOH industry are happening faster than ever and all around the world, Rapport’s networks adhere to the principles of local expertise and knowledge, coupled with a global culture of service and self-improvement. Adding Malaysia to our global family, brings yet another team of experts to improve our holistic global offering and deliver amazing insights, service and campaigns to local clients.”