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Is Apple Watch the bridge we’ve been waiting for?

The Apple Watch will create new ways for brands to connect with consumers on the go
Why? Because the Apple Watch is a new medium for apps, across a broad range of content from health, wellness, social media, sports, news and entertainment – all aiming to engage consumers. Marketing within these apps will be confined to sponsorships or “badging,” because of the size of the screen, so advertisers will need to keep interactions short and sweet. However, it will also create an important bridge between the tiny screen on your wrist and the larger screen on your phone or phablet, which can deliver a richer content experience monetised through advertising, complete with rich media and video.

The Apple Watch will strengthen the bond between people and their favorite brands
The watch also creates a new modality for delivering unique and relevant notifications to a consumer’s wrist — that will ultimately re-engage the consumer on the bigger screen for a more immersive content experience. If you are a brand that has earned that precious spot on a user’s phone via a brand app, then they have the ability to engage that user in a quick and easy way. Maybe you can notify that user of a sale nearby based on a beacon they walked by, or alert them about the release of a brand’s newest product line.

Privacy-friendly data signals from the Apple Watch will improve consumer profiles
Savvy publishers will connect and coalesce data signals ranging from frequency of use and location to context and behavior observed in their apps on the Apple Watch and iPhone. These signals will contribute to better understanding the consumer, who in turn will see more relevant marketing. The Apple Watch will utilize low-power Bluetooth to connect to its companion iPhone, and, in turn, makes it more likely that the consumer will participate in Bluetooth-enabled technology, including beacons. This single product will ensure that Bluetooth-based beacons will become a reality — driving a whole new world of location-based advertising, tracking and attribution.

Mahi De Silva

Mahi De Silva is the Chief Executive Officer of Opera Mediaworks.