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Isobar beats talent crunch with new programme

Since the industry is plagued seriously with the lack of right talent, and many agencies find it difficult to get the right fit, wwwins Isobar Taiwan has announced its annual internship recruitment programme called ‘Searching for Robins’. This is the agency’s effort to attract the brightest talent and develop them into young Isobarians.This year the focus is on identifying undergraduates who are skilled at observing people from a social platform and good at promoting themselves using social media.

“We’re always looking to attract young talent and show what a fun corporate culture we have at wwwins Isobar Taiwan. This year’s “Searching for Robins” recruitment campaign really allows students who are passionate about digital to shine and show off their skills”, said Freda Shao, managing director at wwwins Isobar Taiwan.

For the first time, youngsters have an even greater chance at securing an internship by proving how digitally savvy they are, in the agency’s Facebook recruitment competition. First, applicants must find a way to befriend three of the 20 member jury on Facebook. When sent a friend request, jury members, who include Jean Lin, CEO of Isobar Asia Pacific, Freda Shao and “Senior Robins” from the agency, will ask the prospective intern questions to learn more about them. Through these interactive conversations, students have the opportunity to prove how strong a candidate they are, whilst forming key relationships with the panel. “By utilizing Facebook, we are also showing what an important role friendship plays in social media and marketing. Informal relationships can be just as beneficial as close relationships, and it’s a great way for our interns to realise that work and fun can go hand-in-hand,” she added.

After adding three friends from the jury, applicants must show astute levels of observation by posting similarities between judges, based on what they have learnt and from the content on Facebook. Students are invited to submit their applications at any of the Aegis Media companies in Taiwan, but only a few will be chosen for interviews. This year’s interns will be selected in June and will spend two months working at the agency.

wwwins Isobar’s summer internship programme was first launched in 2008. The name, “Searching for Robins,” was chosen as a symbolic idea for interns, since robins are birds that willingly learn from its companions and will fly fearlessly to realize its dreams.