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Japan’s MicroAd goes to India

MicroAd, one of the leading online ad platform companies in Japan is expanding its footprint in the region by setting up an office in India. To focus on the growing digital advertising market in India, the agency has established MicroAd India, its local subsidiary.

Currently MicroAd India will offer the company’s flagship ad service MicroAd BLADE in the country. It is an integrated management platform for display advertisements for advertisers and agencies. “MicroAd possesses original targeting technologies and ad platforms that serve optimum advertisements based on the advertiser’s goals. MicroAd India will offer the “MicroAd BLADE” service and work to develop the ad technology market in India. It is aiming to have a total of 250 companies adopt its products by September 30, 2013,” the company statement said.

According to the company, despite the current small size of the online advertising market in India, there is a huge growth potential as more and more brands are looking to tap into the growing online population in India. The online population is 130 million people, which is the second largest number in Asia after China. MicroAd India is also expecting to target the growing travel and tourism sites, and e-commerce market in India. It is focussing on meeting the need for re-targeting and search engine advertising that is growing in India just like in Japan.