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JSHOPPERS making most of email marketing

For a retail company that sells exclusively online, email is a marketing tool and a touch point with its consumers and members. But if that touch point is not effective it can impact the revenue in a big way. That is what JSHOPPER, one of Japan’s leading online retail sites run by Navibird Inc, experienced when its email marketing tool was not effective enough. The company started retailing in 2004, and carries items from many of the biggest Japanese fashion mail-order companies and food distributors, as well as from artisans, from Japan to 120 countries. Currently JSHOPPER has over 350,000 members.

The challenge

Kazuya Yamanaka, CEO, JSHOPPERS

Even though JSHOPPER had an email marketing tool in place but it limited the company’s reach because it enabled communication only in English. This meant that consumers with different language preference were getting left behind. Worse still the JSHOPPERS sales team was unable to track the consumer response and get some information about their preferences. Talking about the challenge with the company’s older email marketing tool JSHOPPERS CEO Kazuyo Yamanaka says, “The system lacked tracking functions and only allowed English text and titles, which placed constraints on our promotion strategy. We also lacked the ability to develop business intelligence based on the customer data we collected from e-mail marketing campaigns.”

The company needed a system that would not only give it language flexibility for better focus, but also enable business intelligence and consumer preference reporting. “In 2009, as our business rapidly increased, we began looking for a new e-mail marketing solution. We wanted a total solution that would facilitate future business development without needing new software or hardware. It would also have to integrate well with our existing platform, making it easier for our IT and marketing staff to get up to speed on it quickly,” informs Yamanaka.

In order to catch up its exponentially business and email database growth in different countries, JSHOPPERS decided to switch to another email marketing provider who could support its global email marketing strategies – multilingual support and high delivery rate assurance. That is when JSHOPPERS turned to Radica Systems, the email marketing solutions company.

The solution and benefits

After serious evaluation of different providers in Japan and abroad, JSHOPPERS finally chose Radica as its email marketing partner. It deployed both Radica Intimate (RI) solution and Radica DCare (deliverability care) service. “We were attracted by the multilingual support and the assurances by Radica that the system would significantly boost our delivery rate,” explains Yamanaka.

Once JSHOPPERS deployed the solutions it was able to improve its offerings, campaigns and deliveries to its consumers. “RI brings together many of the features that we need for email marketing. In particular, we are impressed by RI’s ability to send large volumes of personalized emails in different languages, and the result that it helps us increase 200% of sales revenue,” says Yamanaka.

It also helped the company improve its monthly birthday campaign. JSHOPPERS uses RI to segment the mailing list by language including Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese to cater for member’s preferred reading language and further segment the group of members having birthday in the month. With RI the company is able to personalise both the subject line and content with corresponding language text, as well as personalise members’ names and ID numbers. RI also enabled JSHOPPERS to schedule the delivery based on the members’ time zone.

Yamanaka says that by using this the birthday campaign has not only received over 60% open rate and over 40% click-through rate on average, but also earned them 200% increase in the value of purchase transactions via email campaigns alone. “The results speak for themselves. We have been very impressed with RI,” says Andrew Craig, head of email marketing at Navibird.

With Radica’s other solution DCare, JSHOPPERS is delivering over 2 million emails to its 350,000 members monthly. In just half of the first year after using DCare, JSHOPPERS’s inbox rate has been increased by 50%. This remarkable result comes from Radica DCare team’s effort to build up healthy infrastructure for JSHOPPERS that including authentication on SPF (Sender Policy Framework), daily monitoring on its large-volume campaigns, etc. “It is extremely important to us as we have no idea about those ISP practice especially in China,” says Yamanaka.

Future focus

With positive results from Radica’s two email marketing solutions, JSHOPPERS is now looking forward to utilize more advanced feature of the system to maximize eDM efficiency and grow the business together with Radica. “RI provides many of the features we want for e-mail marketing. It supports our high-volume, multi-language e-mail delivery, and allows us to check the results of the e-mails we send. We look forward to further improvements in usability to allow us to use its sophisticated functions and features more quickly and efficiently, and increase our ability to analyze customer behaviour and execute segmentation,” concludes Yamanaka.