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Just how ‘happy’ is GroupM’s India (Gurgaon) office

Minutes after receiving the video, my mind catapulted back to the good old days at a media agency.
The four minutes video might not be an accurate representation of a typical day in an agency but it surely captures the essence of an agency life marvellously.

The video is gaining popularity and within a week has garnered almost 2500 views, a few of which are personally contributed by me. Some agency folks, amongst others, may say that this was not the best video shot ever, and they are probably right, but it’s not so much about that. The video captures agency professionals in a mood that may be strange to outsiders but resonates with insiders. It is a glimpse into the various quirks that come from being a media agency person. For me, that makes it an interesting piece of content.

They say, happiness is a state of mind. After watching the video I think happiness has a lot to do with the state of the work place.

A happy place of work brings the best out of a person, not only professionally but personally too. One ends up spending more than one-third of the day at office. Hence, whatever happens at the workplace travels back home.

Media planners in a typical structure have quite a lot to handle. They keep clients happy, meet media owners and in the digital space the meet list just never ends, make their media plans and strategies, churn data day in and day out, liaise with operation teams, creative teams so on and so forth. This at times puts them under tremendous pressure but nothing feels pressing if the environment around is cheerful.

From this video it would appear that GroupM has invested in the well being and happy(ness) of its employees.

In an industry that is not dependent on machines but only on people; it is important to keep people motivated and in high spirits at all times. It is important from a productivity stand point. A dull and uninspiring work place brings down the productivity manifold.

This reminds me of teszt, another very interesting manifestation of happiness by MediaCom’s employees few years back. Teszt is a social meme created by the staff of MediaCom in 2012. The exact meaning of teszt has never been guessed by anyone. Teszt now continues to be part of every employee at MediaCom.

The happy movement, led by GroupM India, shouldn’t just stop here, agencies should have their own Happy Anthem; their own way of expressing happiness!

Swati Gauba

The author, Swati Gauba, is the General Manager of Digital Market Asia