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KASIKORNBANK’s new spot shows what lasts in this fast-changing world

A new corporate campaign from KASIKORNBANK, the leading bank in Thailand highlighted the importance of a good impression in this fast-changing world.

KASIKORNBANK prides itself in living up to “Service towards Excellence,” a tagline that is also the bank’s core soul. Customers are the utmost priority, and cultivating a good relationship while offering nothing but the best has always been the imperative at KASIKORNBANK.

Throughout the years, millions of customers have attributed impressive customer service to the KASIKORNBANK brand, and while it is inevitable for customers to diversify their financial saving options, the primary goal of the campaign is aimed at reminding customers of the bank’s time-tested promises to deliver unparalleled service to customers of all walks of life.

The campaign and spot features a heart-warming story of a young couple separated by distance and time. However, empowered with love and dedication, their relationship blossomed and withstood thick and thin throughout the years. The message juxtaposes the element of an impression: of how it was the initial impression the couple left in one another’s lives in their tender years, with the impression which KASIKORNBANK has instilled and built up within their customers’ hearts.

An emotionally compelling campaign, the spot evokes raw emotion, having gathered over 11 million views on YouTube and Facebook, and is supported with a robust on-ground, digital and social plan, led by the hashtag #GoodImpressionsLiveOn.