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KFC Australia’s new spot shows the journey of its food

The journey of KFC’s food and how it ends up ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ is celebrated in a new story-based campaign launched via Ogilvy Sydney.

Developed to give meaning to the ‘good’ in its famous tagline, the new campaign extends across a range of digital only executions including Youtube Masthead, TrueView long form, Bumper ads, Desktop and Mobile banners including Mi9 page takeover, digital radio (Spotify), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, eDMs, in App message, SEO, and website landing page. A range of mini loop animated movies have also been created that each talk to 11 different ‘secrets’ about how KFC makes its food so ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’.

“KFC has been in Australia for 50 years in 2018, and many consumers have forgotten or may not be aware of some of the great stories around its food. This campaign takes consumers on a journey to explain how KFC is created, in a beautiful and hand crafted way – the same way KFC treats its food,” explained Ogilvy Sydney’s Creative Head, Shaun Branagan.

“At KFC our food tastes Finger Lickin’ Good – not just because of the ‘Secret 11 Herbs & Spices’, but because of the way we prepare it. This campaign tells the full story from sourcing the highest quality Australian chicken, to our unique hand breading preparation and our small batch approach to cooking,” said Catherine Tan, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC.

The campaign will run until the end of October.