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Huggies Pull-Up launches app to potty train kiddies

Potty training is an event in any parent’s life. It is also a stressful time – maybe more for the mother than for the kid. To make life easier for parents starting on this patty training journey with their pre-schoolers and big kids, Huggies Pull-Ups, the potty training brand from Kimberly-Clark, has launched a new 3D interactive app. The aim is to make the whole process fun and easy for the parent.

The app called the Pull-Ups Big Kid App is a mobile tool that integrates imagination and reality via augmented reality technology. The app has features that keeps the mother and the child motivated throughout the process while increasing brand engagement and sales of the relevant products. “Moms see potty training as a pain in the neck, so they delay starting the process or they start and stop if setbacks occur. After years of experience, we know the key to success is keeping mom and child encouraged along the way – which we’re doing by asking her to get started, have fun by sharing her first flush successes, and keep going with tools like the Pull-Ups Big Kid App,” said Pete Sawin, Pull-Ups brand director, Kimberly-Clark.

What the brand did is to leverage on the fact that 74 percent of mothers allow their children to regularly play with their smartphones – as shown in a study by BabyCenter.com called 21st Century Mobile Mom Report. The app when downloaded in the mobile device offers fun games that celebrate each milestone during the potty training process. One such game features Disney characters that are unlocked through stars collected as the child makes potty training progress. To further help children through this process, the app offers encouragement via a feature where calls from kids’ favorite Disney characters help surprise and motivate toddlers to use the potty and keep trying

According to Sawin the Pull-Ups Big Kid App is the perfect tech-friendly tool that Moms can access and use as part of their highly mobile lives. Besides the game, the app also offers a wealth of content to enhance the potty training experience. In fact it has a customizable potty timer to help parents remind their child when it’s time to go take potty breaks.

The Pull-Ups Big Kid App is available as a free download via the Apple iTunes App store and Google Play for Android. The brand has also made use of the augmented reality technology to engage the parents further. T has put special identifying markers inside packages of Pull-Ups Training Pants that can be scanned with the Pull-Ups Big Kid App to activate the interactive Pull-Ups Big Kid 3D Celebration, where Disney characters including Rapunzel and Mickey come to life.

“Pull-Ups has always offered tips and advice in a way that is most relevant to moms’ daily life. With moms spending more than 6 hours a day on their smartphones2, uploading pictures of her tot’s successes and using an app that helps with potty training fits perfectly into her routine,” added Sawin. To provide extra motivation for Moms and tots to start potty training and share their first flush… and every flush after…successes, Pull-Ups is has also launched a fun consumer call-to-action – parents can go to Facebook.com/Pull-Ups and upload an image of their tot’s first flush moment for a chance to receive an all-expenses-paid trip to a world-famous Orlando destination.