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Koichi’s blog: Moving towards true crossroads of creativity & tech

Koichi Yamamoto, Dentsu

The scope and depth of the role of technology at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity keeps on increasing, and the use of technology is an integral part of many of the Grand Prix and Lions. We’ve witnessed very creative uses of technology like the reuse of SIM cards in the mobile Grand Prix: ‘Smart Textbooks’ by DDB DM9 JaymeSyfu, which in a way hacks unused SIM cards and old phones, or even in seminars as the use of projection mapping on live performances in Dentsu’s seminar: Happy Hacking.

Further to this, the addition of the Innovation Awards sponsored by Intel has brought about a whole new dimension to the role of technology at the Festival. With shortlisted entries ranging from uses of tried and tested technology such as radio to Nobel prize, winning technologies like the moving of atoms and an advanced use of technology was certainly taken to new levels. In a way, one could look at technology as the primary media in today’s marketing environment, a key enabler of solutions and of generating consumer engagement, and many people see the crossroads of creativity and technology as the new frontier.

However, in looking across the work, one question comes to mind. While the industry is using technology creatively, how is our creativity advancing technology? Could the creativity with which this industry is finding new uses of technology, not be used to advance technology or even find new technology? If you come to think of it, most of the technologists that have advanced our world were true creative thinkers. Is there was a way that collaboration between technologists and creative talent in this industry, gathered here at Cannes, could bring about advancements in technology?

This may seem rather far-fetched, but the addition of categories like the Innovation Lions and our ever increasing involvement in technology certainly increases the possibility of such an eventuality happening. And if it does, we may finally arrive at the true crossroads of creativity and technology.