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KRDS Singapore launches ‘taste joy’ for Wall’s ice creams

Social and Mobile Agency KRDS Singapore has launched ‘taste joy’ campaign for Wall’s Ice cream, Unilever’s ice cream brand in Indonesia. It is the very first Facebook application endowed with smile detection technology. Over 100,000 smiles have already been generated through the experience so far.

‘Taste Joy’ encourages Indonesians to spread joy by allowing them to create their own personalised happy videos using the ‘Joy Counter’, a smile detection technology.

The app, which will run until the end of March, tracks the number of smiles on each photo uploaded either on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the #TasteJoy hashtag. It then enables users to see how happy they are on an instantly generated video, based on the total number of smiles seen on all their photos.

The video is then ready to be shared with their friends and family on social media platforms, which will be showcased all over the users’ timelines.