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KRDS wins RHB Singapore’s social mandate

RHB Singapore is a financial institution with Banking, Securities and Asset Management
businesses that provides customers with holistic financial solutions both locally as well
as within the region. RHB is committed to build trust and meet customers’ personal and
financial advisory needs at all significant stages of their life. RHB is also set to empower
start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations alike by delivering simple solutions
and seamless experience across physical and digital boundaries.

The bank RHB Singapore wanted to convey this ideology on their social channels and has appointed Social & Mobile Agency – KRDS Singapore to build the brand’s presence on Facebook.

The content on Facebook will focus on the concept ‘Together We Progress’. RHB Singapore has been there for its customers during various stages of their life – whether it is for an entrepreneur starting a new business, an individual interested in investing for the future, the addition of a family member or more. RHB Singapore takes pride in being able to provide its customers the financial assistance through all these important milestones in life while maintaining a personal touch with them. The content on Facebook will focus on how RHB can help its customers while progressing together and will also include valuable tips and insights on finance and banking for its users.

Commenting on the win, Preetham Venkky – Director at KRDS Singapore said, “RHB is a people’s bank that works to lend their support to its customers during significant moments of their lives. They are well known for their ability to build strong ties and being a trusted partner with their customers. We wanted to bring this core value to life on their social channels and open the gates to a stronger relationship with their customer base. We are excited to sign up with RHB and lend our digital expertise to realise these goals in 2017.”