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Lay’s #DareToBeDhoni: Joining a nation supporting its Captain @World Cup

The semi-final clash between India and Australia saw many Twitter activations, one among them was #DareToBeDhoni activity cultivated by Lay’s India, a PepsiCo brand. As part of Lay’s ‘Victory Karo Taste’ campaign, conceived and executed by digital marketing agency, The Glitch, the marketer invited Twitter to come forward in support of Team India and it’s daring captain, and share messages praising the achievements of Captain Cool, using #DareToBeDhoni. The cricketing world has seen some brilliant captaincy in the past and Dhoni has registered his name amongst the elites by winning two World Cups and the Champions Trophy along-side Ricky Ponting who’s won two World Cups himself.

Cricketing fans on Twitter responded with great support, as individuals as well as brands jumped on the hashtag to praise and cheer MS Dhoni. Fans joined in enthusiastically to cheer for the ‘Team in Blue’ and its captain to set a record of winning three World Cups, by sending in their good wishes through Lay’s using #DareToBeDhoni. The official Lay’s Twitter account egged people on by highlighting Dhoni’s achievements in their tweets around his captaincy, for fans to follow suit and send in their favorite ‘Dhonimoments’.

After Team India’s loss against Australia, while some people played the blame game on Twitter, an overwhelming majority used #DareToBeDhonito support and praise the Captain. This helped the hashtag stay among the top trends for more than 40 hours, as fans sent more than 50,000 tweets in praise for the Captain. This positive hashtag that began as a proposition to support the Men in Blue in their run to victory, turned into an outlet for sharing people’s love and respect for the team. DTBD