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Lazada leads social engagement during Great Singapore Sale

  • 5 out of 7 brands most associated with the Sale were primarily online brands
  • Little India has been the shopping area most associated with the Great Singapore Sale

E-commerce website Lazada was ranked #1 most associated to the Great Singapore Sale between May 25 – June 25, showing the importance of cross channel engagement around the event. The ecommerce platform offered daily deals on their mobile app.

Zalora was offering a 30 per cent off discount early in the event and was ranked the brand #2 most associated with the Great Singapore Sale while Rakuten was ranked #3, data released by Amobee Intelligence highlighted.

The e-commerce platforms led the ranking of stores most associated with the Sale. After Rakuten, the other brands in the ranking include Qoo10, Expedia, Uniqlo and Zara, in this order.

As the The Great Singapore Sale is underway, interest around the sale on social media peaked on May 29, the day the sale kicked off. The digital consumption for the sale was 14 times higher than daily average digital consumption during the previous month, looking at April 29 – May 28, 2015.

The sale is now in its 21st year and is the biggest retail event in Singapore that offers eight weeks of sales and deals. The data highlights that the Great Singapore Sale has moved away from being exclusive to just traditional brick and mortar retailers to online.

Travel content saw the most digital consumption during the sale with 48 per cent of all  consumption during May 25 – June 25, as families looked for kid-friendly activities to occupy them during the summer holiday.

According to the data, the sale event appears to be a huge hit, with there being nine times more positive sentiment than negative sentiment around consumption of Great Singapore Sale content during May 25 – June 25.

In all, five of the seven brands most associated with the Great Singapore Sale during May 25 – June 25 were primarily online brands, with Uniqlo and Zara also having physical stores. Lazada, Rakuten, Qoo10, and Expedia are the online only stores with online retailer Zalora experimenting with pop up stores recently.

The data highlights the need for brands that also have brick and mortar stores need to be more aggressive in their digital marketing to remain competitive online around the Sale.

Little India has been the shopping area most associated with the Great Singapore Sale, 54 per cent more than Orchard Road and 567 per cent more than Marina Bay between May 29 – June 25.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.