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Lee Hsien Loong tops Singapore searches for 2017

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was the favorite topic for Singapore, leading the list of Top 10 Singapore Searches in 2017, up from 4th place in 2016, Yahoo’s Year in Review found. News about the Lee family were also among the most read in the country, with Singaporeans riveted by the dispute over the fate of No. 38 Oxley Road and the subsequent contempt of court case against Li Shengwu, Prime Minister Lee’s nephew and the grandson of the late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

The second most searched topic was the battle for Marawi, the five-month-long armed conflict in the Philippines between militants and the country’s security forces. It is followed by searches on politicians, with President Halimah Yacob taking third place followed by Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong Un.

The list was rounded off by searches on North Korea and Harvey Weinstein, taking the 9th and 10th spots respectively. Tension in the Korean peninsula has been increasing throughout the year, and missile tests launched by Pyongyang as recent as last month continue to fuel concerns. The fall of the once-powerful Hollywood mogul Weinstein, while late in the year, has created a tide taking down other elites in the media and entertainment industry and is expected to usher in a more transparent era about sexual abuse and harassment.

Top 10 Singapore Searches of 2017:
1. Lee Hsien Loong
2. Marawi battle
3. Halimah Yacob
4. Donald Trump
5. Rodrigo Duterte
6. Kim Jong Un
7. Rohingya crisis
8. Abu Sayyaf
9. North Korea
10. Harvey Weinstein

Besides domestic affairs of the Lee family, politics remained high on the list of Top 10 Singapore Headlines. News about Halimah Yacob’s walkover election as Singapore’s President and Worker Party’s leader Low Thia Khiang’s plan to step down next year were in the top five of headlines. MRT flooding, breakdowns and collisions were also high on the list, taking the number two headline spot.

A mix of issues covered the rest of the national headlines, including a Yahoo News Singapore investigative piece which took the 6th ranking and uncovered the extent of brothels operating in heartland neighborhoods, while this year’s only food related headline was relatively modest at number nine with the Nasi Lemak burger mania.

“2017 appears to be a year when local and international news are increasingly gaining equal footing. National headlines involving the Prime Minister and the country’s first woman president were not surprisingly on top of Singaporeans’ minds. But trending entries such as Harvey Weinstein, tensions in North Korea, and crisis and disputes in the region show that Singaporeans are seeking to understand more about major geopolitical events that are shaping our world and the potential threats in our backyard,” says Elena Torrijos, editor-in-chief at Yahoo Singapore.