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Lenovo packs its tablet’s ad message in a ‘Twitter box’

In its most recent digital marketing campaign, Lenovo has approached Twitter users in India with its ‘Free the Twitterati from their boxed-up lives’. Through the Twitter trend #YoGa2bFree, the campaign has roped in four celebrities—actor Ashwin Mushran, food blogger Kalyan Karmakar, movie critic Mihir Fadnavis and gadget guru Ankit Vengurlekar. They are trapped in a box with the old restricted technology they use. The campaign urges consumers to unbox them through the new digital innovation – Lenovo’s Yoga tablet.

The four boxed celebrities are popular Twitter users among the digital community but suffering from gadget obsession and are unable break free. The Twitteratis, through interactive video communicate clues to users that will lead them to unbox them. Each Twitterati will convey the problem he is facing with the current technology and the participant has to design a solution for the same in order to free him out of the box. Following the clues, winners of the #YoGa2bFree contest were awarded the new Yoga Tablet.

The key message of the campaign is “Gadgets such as tablets are designed to help us lead a more connected, productive and fun life; but take them out of the box and you often see yourself enslaved and tethered to these devices,” said Sandip Maiti, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer at Experience Commerce, the digital marketing agency for Lenovo.

The campaign is targeting the digital consumers who are not new to the digital technology but are not switching to the latest one. The limitations of the old technology have been highlighted while the campaign has introduced them to the benefits of the new Yoga tablet which tackles those ills experienced by the consumers.

However, the secret mantra of the campaign lies in the Twitteratis it has used for the campaign. Experience commerce has successfully leveraged the reach of each of the celebrities on Twitter and communicated its message on the social networking platform – Twitter.

Marketers have started to explore the endless avenues on social media which guarantees a larger consumer base but the success of the marketing campaign depends on the availability of the target audience on the social media platform that the marketer is using. Since Lenovo is targeting the technology-savvy generation, Twitter serves as an apt platform for the brand.