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LinkedIn’s smart call: begins mobile presence on affordable phones

LinkedIn’s mobile strategy is almost becoming as aggressive as it should be. Following its move to create a complete user experience on smartphones, LinkedIn has now introduced a native LinkedIn app for Nokia Asha phones. This is seen as one of the first attempts from the company to leverage the large number of users on low end devices as well.

Nokia Asha is amongst one of the first new generation of affordable smartphones. Nokia has pushed the device in several markets in Asia Pacific apart from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The app, that was launched on August 7, 2013, delivers LinkedIn network and professional insights on any Nokia Asha phone.

The app not only attempts to keep the user connected on her or his LinkedIn network but also make it easy to conduct business or find useful information. The app offers a personalised stream of industry news and updates from the user’s professional community and allows access of Influencer posts from top business minds and real-time insights. The app, while useful in knowing about a person before a meeting, also helps in connecting in easier ways after the meeting by keeping the ‘People You May Know’ feature simple.

The app is available in six languages including Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Brazilian Portuguese, English, Russian and Spanish.