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Maggi celebrates Mother’s Day with #MomKnowsBest

Ahead of Mother’s Day on May 10, Supari Studios with Publicis and Maggi created a video, which was released today. The concept of the film is to celebrate that special bond between a mother and her child with the hashtag #MomKnowsBest. The song has been sung by India singer Shankar Mahadevan.

This video was produced by Supari Studios. It created six separate mini-sets for this shoot – including tiny beds, a flickering campfire, snowfall and even pocket-size Maggi. Each element of the set was created on separate layers to give the video depth and provide an element of realism as the puppets interacted in each different environment.

“When Publicis India first approached us with the Maggi puppet script what excited us the most was bringing out emotion from inanimate objects. We believe that the puppet ad campaign could be path-breaking for Maggi because while the film still follows the brand’s traditional route of celebrating relationships and bonds between people, what makes this absolutely standout and break the clutter, is the treatment of the film. The subtle movement and expressions from the puppets, the eye-catching mini-sets, the brilliant song by Shankar Mahadevan and the final reveal in the film seems to have really struck a chord with consumers around the world. Giving testament to that, is the fact that the film has already touched half a million views on Youtube just two days after its release, and we expect that number to go up to over a million views by Mothers’ Day,” said Akshat Gupt, Co-Founder and Director of Supari Studios.

The puppets were hand-crafted especially for this shoot, and their faces were designed to match that of the cast. The agency then replicated the entire mini kitchen set into an identical full scale set for the live action sequence which involved the actual actors.