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Mainland targets consumers with 2000-piece puzzle

We all know that aging the perfect cheese takes patience. Keeping this in mind, Mainland has created a new campaign: the Mainland 2,000-Piece Voucher.

The voucher takes the form of a huge, intimidatingly difficult puzzle, that punters have to complete before they can redeem it for their well-earned prize.

Putting together three 2,000-piece puzzles to shoot an accompanying print campaign was a bit of a task, says Colenso BBDO Creative Director, Mike Davison. “Finance weren’t too happy with our timesheets by the end of it.”

Mainland Group Marketing Manager Margaret O’Sullivan is chuffed with the new campaign and said, “ ‘Good things take time’ is such a strong part of our brand DNA, so we’re thrilled to be able to execute it in such a brilliantly simple way.”

Customers could apply to receive a voucher over Facebook late last year. Since then, hundreds of hours have been spent on them, with the fastest completion time so far a staggering 45 hours.