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Manulife targets Singaporeans with humourous ‘Cover Me Bro’ spot

A cheeky advertisement about critical illness insurance coverage? Manulife does just that with its ‘Cover Me Bro’ campaign in support of the launch of its new Ready CompleteCare critical illness plan. The playful video challenges the stereotype that the insurance industry is traditional and complex by using humour to talk about a typically grim topic.

We all know that one colleague, friend or family member who is always asking for help. The one who always needs you to cover for them again and again when they’re not around.

Drawing on this insight, Manulife Singapore, in partnership with Tribal Worldwide Singapore, rolled out a series of short digital films that pose the question: “Who will cover for you again and again?” The digital films seek to make the new insurance plan more relatable and approachable to the younger generation.

Titled ‘Cover Me Bro’, the films center around two buddies and the many different hilarious situations at work, during sports and even in romantic situations, that one guy has to go through to cover his bro again and again.

This lighthearted film introduces us to the kind of bro we need most in our lives while drawing parallel to Manulife Ready CompleteCare’s ‘Cover Me Again’ benefit. Most customers’ policies and savings can weather the cost of a single critical illness. However, the reality is that many critical illnesses have a high chance of occurring and recurring during a person’s lifetime. With “Cover Me Again”, Manulife introduces a ‘restart’ feature that covers you again and again following a claim.

“Everyone thinks of insurance campaigns as being very run-of-the-mill and product centric. We are taking on the challenge of breaking this stereotype by being insight and action driven. Our team is constantly finding fresh and interesting ways to show our wit and attitude, while staying relevant in a social and online context. In this campaign, we are aligning our product to a universal social context and adding local flavor in our execution to make it more relatable to Singaporeans,” said Cheryl Lim, VP Head of Branding, Communications and Sponsorships, Manulife Singapore.

“Our target audience is not insurance-savvy and we wanted to engage them with a video that is simple, entertaining yet delivering a strong message of how Ready CompleteCare will cover you again and again. No jargons, no buzzwords,” said Joel Chin, Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide Singapore.

“We are excited that Manulife has trusted us to work on this un-insurance light-hearted film that brings to life an intangible product. We have a couple more campaigns lined up that are equally exciting and we can’t wait to launch them!” said Joshua Lee, Managing Partner, Tribal Worldwide Singapore.

A 60-second film and 15-second versions of the video were shared across the brand’s website, Facebook and YouTube. Within the first week of launch, the videos garnered over 300,000 views. So far, they have been viewed over 615,000 times and have garnered close to 1,900 shares, reactions and comments.