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Marketers embrace technology in new age marketing

Businesses such as finance, accounting, manufacturing, and even human resources had adopted the nuances of technology but marketing remains as the ‘last man standing’ until a few years ago when technological advancement changed the marketing landscape in India. Marketing can no longer ignore the tech-savvy consumer who is looking for technology to be integrated under the umbrella of a brand’s marketing strategy. The importance of technology is evident from Chief Marketing Technologist emerging as one of the key positions for the big corporates in the country.

According to a report titled ‘India Digital Playbook’ by GroupM that highlights the key digital trends in India, technology has impacted the marketing scenario at two levels – storytelling and effectiveness of the marketing function. But this continues to be highly dependent on the responsiveness of the consumers to technology.

The first one deals with the manner of execution of technology in the marketing function of the advertisement of the brand. This describes how technology can be adopted while delivering the marketing message to the consumers, whether it is an interactive screen or through voice command. According to a survey, 72 per cent of 18-24 year olds know how to connect a device to Wi-Fi network, the report said.

The second aspect of technology-dependent marketing strategy determines the efficiency and the effectiveness of the marketing strategy which involves functions such as e-mail marketing, display advertising, testing and optimisation, asset and content management, search and social advertisements, and ecommerce, among others.

Marketers need to adopt integrated digital marketing platforms as a necessity to navigate the operational complexities and as well as bring efficiency. As digital marketing grows in terms of complexity, adoption of integrated platforms become a must for marketers in the following years. Also, market automation has emerged as one of the most important aspects of marketing with the customised messaging for the consumers and its segmentation.

However, among the most recent innovations in the digital marketing space, social media has had the largest impression on the marketing strategies. Marketers are indulging in content marketing more seriously and social media interaction is forming the major part of the process. Social media also fosters consumer intelligence related services where it serves as a platform for their voice.

With the inclusions of modern technologies in marketing, consumer have been empowered like never before, marketers with new tricks of data, trade, content have made their job more challenging but technology continues to play as a silent enabler. Going forward, we can see marketers adopting the technological advancements for the growth of their business.