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Marrying magic & logic to create the winning formula: dunnhumby

‘Personalisation’ has become one of the most important tools on the marketer’s belt, courtesy the digital arsenal available today. The need to understand and apply data insights has been a priority for most marketers. For companies such as dunnhumby, and its sibling company Sociomantic, data is at the centre of an offer that is customised for the digital world.

Speaking about the application of ‘big data’ in driving customer engagement and loyalty, Rohit Kumar, MD, Sociomantic APAC explained, “We understand what consumers buy and how they buy it. Data in sales communication helps make the conversation feel more personal and relevant.”

Companies are focusing on making advertising more relevant through use of data and analytics. As media becomes more addressable, the focus will be on creating one-on-one conversations, at scale.

“As marketers, we must focus on the changing customer journey and the disruptions in media – the way media is bought and sold. It has put us on a path of seamlessness,” added Mr Kumar.

Since purchase funnels have been linear, the campaigns have also been linear but that is not the case as digital reconfigured the purchase funnel.

“Customers have changed and they have changed quite dramatically. They want to be treated as individuals and engaged through their preferred channels,” explained James Merritt, Country Head, dunnhumby Thailand.

More than access to data, the use of data to create a template that no one else has access to, is the key to using programmatic to its fullest. Using your own data to decide your media buying is the roadmap. “Big data is not necessarily the answer. Focus should be on smart data,” advised Mr Kumar.

On the branding side, measurement of point-of-sale data and activating that online has created endless opportunities. On the performance side, data can be used to predict customer behaviour as sighted in an example shared during the discussion.

The duo, speaking at the Festival of Media Asia, concluded that the industry is seeing the growth of people-based marketing. Arts and science (magic and logic) will ultimately create the winning formula.