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MediaTek makes smartphones affordable for Indian users

India is essentially a country with more feature phones than smartphones. But that scenario might soon change as mobile phone brands like Spice and Micromax are all set to introduce wallet-friendly smartphones in the market. This will be possible because of the latest dual-core MT6577 smartphone platform from MediaTek, one of the leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions.

According to MediaTek, this Dual Core, Android 4.0, 3G Smartphone Platform helps handset manufacturers in providing consumer the superior application and browsing experience at affordable price. “MediaTek believes that the budget-friendly smartphones powered by the MT6577 will surge the next growth of entry level smartphones industry in India. This platform promises lucrative prospects to developers and their customers by providing features such as improved user interactivity, mobile connectivity and rich multi-media experience at affordable prices,” said Grant Kuo, managing director, MediaTek India.

The MT6577 can support rich multimedia experiences with an 8MP camera, up-to 1080p Full-HD video playback and the ability to support high-resolution displays up to 720p (1280×720) resolution. The platform also supports dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth4.0, GPS and FM, by pre-integrating MediaTek’s leading 4-in-1 connectivity combo. Talking about the benefits of adopting this platform, Finbarr Moynihan, general manager – Business Development, MediaTek said, “The Indian market witnessed a dramatic increase of 87% in smartphone sales last year, with 150 models launched by more than 30 vendors. Some of the MT6577 capabilities such as the increased application and browser performance and advanced multimedia features will bridge the performance gap between entry level and high-end smartphones, thereby changing the market dynamics of the Indian smartphone industry.”

The mid range smartphones from Spice and Micromax is expected to hit the later this month to make most of the festive season about to start in the country.  According to market sources, Spice plans to launch Mi 500, and Micromax will introduce the dual core version of its popular Superphone A90 along with two other models based on MediaTek dual core platform MT6577. “We at Micromax understand and respect the value driven choice of our customers. We believe that the new MediaTek platform will allow us to take pocket-friendly innovation to a whole new level by providing exceptional communication and multimedia experiences to customers from all across India,” said Deepak Mehrotra, CEO, Micromax, commenting on the company’s strategy to adopt this platform. Emphasising on a similar point Dilip Modi, co-founder, Si2i Mobility (makers of Spice brand of phones), said “Thanks to low-cost superior technology that is now available, we see a growing base of Indians switching from basic feature phones to advanced and rich multimedia smart phones. We believe that our upcoming mobile handset(s) powered by MediaTek’s MT6577 will help us bring the market to an inflection point in terms of mid and entry smart phone prices, and set in motion a new era of telecom revolution for the knowledge economy.”