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Mirum Indonesia appoints Daniel Hagmeijer as New MD

Mirum, part of Wunderman Thompson, has appointed Daniel Hagmeijer as Managing Director of Mirum Indonesia, replacing Daniel van Leeuwen. Formerly the Head of Brand Experience Design, Hagmeijer has been part of the Mirum family since 2013 as Van Leeuwen’s partner in growing Mirum’s capability and reputation in the market.

“As one of Wunderman Thompson's companies, Mirum Indonesia helps clients see different perspectives, bring focus, and together push the boundaries of what is possible today, so that they thrive tomorrow. We have been doing this since 2008, and will continue to offer cutting-edge services to make sure our clients stay relevant and grow, ” said Marianne Admardatine, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wunderman Thompson Indonesia. “Daniel Hagmeijer’s vast expertise and experience makes him the perfect choice to succeed Van Leeuwen and continue fulfilling the vision for Mirum. Daniel van Leeuwen’s leadership has made a significant contribution to Mirum. All of us wish him the best in his future endeavours,” she added.

Daniel Hagmeijer also acknowledged the impact of Van Leeuwen’s leadership: “My job is not only to continue the progressive vision we envisaged together, but also to lead Mirum Indonesia beyond that, continuously adapting it in an ever-evolving market,” he said.

By combining human-centred design, technology, and data, the agency creates impactful interactions for their clients’ customers every time they engage with a brand. Both digital and physical touchpoints are designed to deliver experiences based on what customers need and want, in combination with the brand’s promise. This includes helping businesses create new products and services, and consulting to them on marketing their products throughout the customer journey. Being on the forefront of innovation means that Mirum continuously evolves its thinking and way of working.

“Within Wunderman Thompson’s complete end-to-end offerings, delivering the best expertise in creative, commerce data and technology, Mirum plays a strong role, helping clients transform their business for sustainable growth in the digital age by looking through the lens of our clients’ customers and combining design, with data and technology,” Admardatine concluded.