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Mobile ad market grows 121% in Vietnam: InMobi

People in Vietnam love their mobile phones even more than their TVs and PCs. That is why the going is good for the mobile ad networks in Vietnam. According to network data and media consumption survey in Vietnam done by leading mobile ad network InMobi, it was seen that the mobile ad market has grown 121% in Q4 2011 over the same period in 2010. The ad network served over six billion ad impressions in Vietnam in Q4 2011 as opposed to 2.75 billion impressions in Q4 2010.

Giving more data, Phalgun Raju, regional director and GM Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, commented, “Mobile’s role in the consumer purchase cycle continues to grow. Our survey found that three-quarters of mobile web users in Vietnam have been influenced by mobile advertising when making purchases. In addition, we also found that 77 percent of consumers expect to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months – a 36 percent increase from where we are today. We at InMobi are dedicated to help local and global businesses in Vietnam leverage this media for effective consumer engagement.”

Interestingly more people use feature phones rather than smart phones. The study shows that the market is still largely driven by advanced phone impressions at 5.6 billion as opposed to smartphone impressions at 0.4 billion. However the fact remains that people in Vietnam love their mobile phones. Nearly three-quarters of local mobile web users say the mobile device is their preferred method of going online, that is because it gives them more privacy and is easy to use.

The people in Vietnam use their mobile phones for entertainment and social networking in a big way. The study quotes, “Mobile web users spend 23 percent of their time on their mobile devices on music or videos, 19 percent on social media, 16 percent on gaming, 15 percent on email, 14 percent on search for general information (news, sports, finance, etc.), 7 percent on local search, and 6 percent on shopping.”

In fact mobile advertising is already an accepted fact for the mobile users in the country. According to Raju mobile advertising impacts consumer behaviour throughout the purchase path. “35 percent have been introduced to something new via mobile advertising, 39 percent have gotten better options, 22 percent have found something relevant nearby while 14 percent reconsidered a product based on a mobile ad,” InMobi study shows.

In terms of devices Nokia is still the leading phone in the market. It still dominates the market with a 59.2 percent market share, while Samsung is a distant second with a 20.5 percent market share, followed by LG with 5.9 percent market share. While Apple devices might be hot in other markets in the APAC region, but in Vietnam Apple devices are in the sixth place 1.8 percent market share.