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Mobile impressions doubled in a year in Vietnam: Report

While desktop pre-roll still holds the majority of impressions placed in the region, mobile is quickly taking more and more share according to a new report by TubeMogul. In Vietnam, the share doubled from seven per cent in Q3 to 14 per cent in Q4 2015.

The report also highlighted that Indonesia saw a decrease in CPMs of over 25 per cent, giving advertisers a great chance to potentially reach more of their audience and at a lower rate.

Advertisers in Southeast Asia tend to favour 30-second ads to 15-second ads, though several countries like the Philippines and Singapore, had more share of impressions in 15-second spots this quarter.

Taylor Schreiner, VP of Research of TubeMogul says, “Advertisers are rapidly catching up with changing viewership patterns, buying more mobile inventory and seeing better completion rates. The numbers coming out of Vietnam and across the region show that consumers are increasingly turning to mobile to enjoy content – and advertisers are catching up with this change in habit.”

In Australia, inventory is up from last year across all formats, with mobile inventory boasting a 400 per cent increase in inventory since Q4 2014. Pre-roll remains high at an average of 389M impressions per day. Advertisers are shifting more into 30-second spots as this length gains more share growing from 36 to 41 per cent of impressions year-on-year.

In Japan, pre-roll inventory was up 32 per cent since Q3 2015 and 302 per cent since last year. Mobile inventory remained flat on a quarter over quarter basis and is also up over 300 per cent since last year. Pre-roll CPMs in Japan are down on a quarterly and yearly basis, likely driven by the strong increases in inventory.

New Zealand saw a slight quarter-over-quarter uptick in pre-roll inventory in Q4 2015. The region saw strong year-over-year increases in both desktop and mobile inventory, rising 90 per cent and 312 per cent respectively. CPMs in New Zealand fell in desktop, likely due to the increased supply of inventory. In terms of ad completion rates, the region has remained steady in desktop, down just 2 per cent since last quarter. Mobile completion rates increased by 24 per cent, which is important as more viewers turn to their phones and tablets.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.