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Mobile internet paves the way for ad industry

Today’s mobile-centric consumers are connected and accessible any time thanks to cheaper smartphones and a ballooning telecommunications industry that has overhauled digital connectivity and pushed India to the cusp of a digital revolution.

Understanding the current industry, smart devices have opened the doors for consumers to often rely on their mobile device for instant interaction with their brands. This gives consumers both the freedom of choice as well as the demand for robust and creative mobile marketing campaigns.

An IAMAI report states that India currently has the world’s third-largest Internet user base and is predicted to overtake the US as the second-largest Internet user base in the world by December 2014.

Internet in India took more than a decade to grow from 10 million to 100 million and three more years to grow from 100 million to 200 million users. However, it took only a year to increase from 200 million to 300 million users.

In the past, the lack of a high-speed broadband network and the cost of computers hampered internet’s reach in India, but things are rapidly changing with high-speed mobile data spreading. Facebook is a perfect example of the ‘mobile first’ generation of internet users. With more than 100 million users in India – nearly 84 million of these users access Facebook through mobile phones.

Understanding that consumer is the ultimate king!
With consumers glued to their smart devices like never before, mobile content consumption has dramatically increased and evolved over last five years. As India prepares for another spike in smartphone usage, a concrete mobile marketing strategy is crucial for marketers to produce results. Mobile devices are vital for connecting consumers and driving digital growth, which is why India’s mobile commerce market is steadily growing due to consumers mobile behaviour.

Mobile is on the rise in India, which is giving marketers the opportunity to create an effective mobile marketing strategy that can deliver numerous benefits to the industry.

Increase the reach of the Brand
With smartphones on the rise in India, businesses need a strong mobile market more than ever. As mobile device usage continues to grow so does the need to efficiently increase a brand’s reach to more consumers.

Increased consumer interaction with the brand
Successful brands are those who understand the voice of consumers and facilitate the ease of communication between the consumer and brand.

In the last few years, small businesses have effectively used mobile-based instant messengers such as WhatsApp for customer support, giving end users a platform to voice opinions to brands they use. In the coming years we foresee mobile-based instant messaging apps taking a leap from traditional support roles to building relationships with consumers in real-time.

Decrease costs and increase efficiency
Companies and brands taking advantage of an effective mobile commerce strategy across the board are sure to see success.

Mobile apps are a powerful tool to drive traffic. An increasing number of companies are investing in developing apps to engage and connect with users. App re-engagement is also a critical element in the acquisition strategy of today’s modern retailer. Sectors including airline, media, hospitality, entertainment and ecommerce are among the early adopters.

Enhanced consumer experience by serving contextual content
Mobile offers a plethroa of opportunities when it comes to serving contextual content to users at any time. Mobile is the only platform capable enough to serve hyper-contextual content to users, which is needed for a great user experience.

Understanding consumer’s mobile behaviour is the key to enhancing customer loyalty, which is important for brands – especially as consumer’s behavior and expectations shift during this mobile boom.

For example, in the hospitality and travel industries consumers are increasingly favouring hotels and travel booking companies with superior personalised experiences and mobile services.

Brands are in a prime position to maximise customer loyalty and retention through the power of mobile – the trick is to understand how to take those first steps towards customer engagement.

As businesses are embracing mobile as one of the important pieces of their product promotion strategy, it’s important for both the brand and the country to progress in a direction where mobile is driving the growth story.

As more Indians start using the internet on their phones, they’re gaining access to products and services that were otherwise tough to find or access. M-commerce is changing the way products are being consumed on smart devices. Welcome to the world of hyper-contextual buying, a world owned by apps, notifications and mobile.