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Myntra hosts Shoppable Hangout as Google pushes Indian e-commerce again

Festival (GOSF), Google is now set to partner with Indian e-commerce retailer Myntra.com. As per the association, Myntra and the Google+ platform will launch a Shoppable Hangout – an initiative that is the first in Asia. It has also roped in Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan to interact with the e-audience.
“Myntra has always been in the forefront of technology innovation. The idea was to merge the power of technology and social media to provide a unique and personal experience for our shoppers,” said Vikas Ahuja, CMO, Myntra.
He also added that Myntra is currently working towards bringing more such exciting brands on the Google+ hangout platform.
“This path-breaking Hangout from Google+ will allow shoppers to watch Hrithik talk about his inspiration and his brand in real time and also get to interact with him. All this while being able to shop from his collection HRX which is available exclusively on Myntra.com,” said Mr Ahuja.

Google revitalising the e-commerce space in India
This seems as another big effort by Google to revitalise the e-commerce scene in India. The highly successful initiative saw #GOSF garnering 1,25,000 tweets in those four days of the Festival which attracted 2 million unique visitors. One can expect a similar slew of Shoppable Hangouts embraced by other e-retailers, thereby creating an whole new experience for online shoppers. As all categories of e-retailers had reported high growth in numbers during the GOSF, it is a matter of time that electronics, home decor, and others also join this initiative.
Final culmination into the GOSF can be termed as the most-awaited event by regular e-shoppers. The question that remains is: Will Google monetise this platform eventually?
The Shoppable Hangout will provide users with a brand new online shopping experience, which will be like shopping Hrithik’s clothing line with him at your side, except from participants’ living rooms,” said Nitin Bawankule, Industry Director, Google India. Google has been innovating experiences with its Hangout features. In the beginning of October, 2013 Google hosted the first ever shoppable Hangout On Air with Americal designer Diane von Furstenberg and The Council of Fashion Designers of America