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Need for a mixed social video strategy: Social@Ogilvy

Social@Ogilvy and Tubular Labs released a report which helps marketers better understand how different video platforms work – and why a diverse approach is strongest. “Brands need to adopt a mixed strategy as every video platform is different and requires a different storytelling technique. The concept of one-size fits all does not work for a video strategy,” the study said.

The two companies joined forces to reveal what each individual social video platform is looking for when featuring brand content – and what makes different platforms tick. It is imperative that brands plan and have a clear sense of each platform’s unique qualities, according to the report.

“Brands need to make decisions upfront about their audiences, creative production, the length of the video, topic and style and its overall path. Will it be one-and-done or slow burn?,” the research added.

The report also states last month’s data of the media industry. It said that music and entertainment account for over 50 per cent of the top view-generating channels on YouTube with over 125.6 million views.

In the video domain, specifically, video-rips constitute 72.5 per cent of the top Facebook video content in the last 30 days with 72 million views. Celebrities are also engrossed in the media story as 22 of the most viewed Instagram videos in the last 90 days were posted by celebrities like Justin Bieber clocking 3.5 million views. Vine views are driven almost exclusively by Vine influencers, such as Logan Paul at 27.1 million views, the report added.

The research was unveiled at Cannes Lions 2015.