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Nescafé takes instant coffee to China via online videos

To reach out to the consumers in China, Nescafé is telling the stories of real people through online video to promote its various flavours of instant coffee. The campaign titled, “Nescafé, Live out your Boldness”, aims to bring out the courage in everyone through a series of micro-movies on people who have taken the road less traveled To put forward this campaign, the leading coffee brand has moved away from the typical hard sell of branded TVCs, and partnered with China’s lading online video portal Youku.

Nescafe is now looking to make an emotional connect with its consumers and amplify the company’s brand essence. The new campaign was kicked-off on December 22, 2012. The company had appointed Mindshare Beijing to design, develop and create the campaign. Talking about the reasons behind creating micro-movies instead of opting for celebrity brand ambassadors, Adrian Ho, marketing director, Nescafé China said, “There is a paradigm shift in the way that consumers think. Gone are the days where they will only look up to actors and singers on a stage. Consumers now want to hear inspirational stories of real life heroes whom they can look up to. Working with Mindshare, we came up with a unique approach for our aspirational campaign.” The micro-TVCs are themed around different flavours of Nescafé’s instant coffee where each flavour is associated with real life stories that epitomize the spirit of boldness.

To connect better with the new generation of consumers, the brand chose the online platform. This is because there are 325 million online video users in China, which means nearly two-third of Chinese netizens consume online videos. According to Neilsen, CNNC study, penetration rate amongst the younger audience (15 – 40) in tier one cities now equal that of traditional television. “Online video is a platform widely consumed by our target users, especially people in the younger age group who have short attention span and little patience. Hence our choice of using micro-movies to better communicate the Nescafé brand essence”, explained Paul Lau, head of digital, Mindshare Beijing.

The first micro-TVC features celebrity travel bloggers and published authors, Zhang Qian Li and Zuo Shou. The couple has travelled to 23 countries in 10 years and Nescafé has used one of their online travel diaries to capture the spirit of boldness. The second micro-movie tells the real-life story of Xiao Yang, a micro-movie director/ actor/ producer, who made a career switch in his 30s to do what he loves best – movies. As part of the campaign, Mindshare has also created a dedicated online television channel, NESCAFÉ.tv which can act as a rich repository of various content, including the micro-movies that Nescafé fans can access anytime, anywhere. The campaign will conclude on February 10, 2013.