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No need to suffer while you wait to buffer videos: YouTube India

India has emerged as a hub for online videos with a large portion of the population consuming its content via the mobile device. But if you are an Internet consumer in India, you may be unperturbed by the noise around 4G towers in your city, as online video continues to buffer at a snail’s pace. The buffering plight only hampers the online video watching experience. This is the sentiment that Google aims to capture in its recent television ad for YouTube Offline.

The campaign focusses on the launch of the ‘YouTube Offline’ feature of their mobile app. This new feature allows Indian users to download videos on the YouTube app and watch them offline on-the-go. The campaign was conceptualised by Lowe Lintas and Partners.

Sandeep Menon, Director of Marketing at Google India said, “We wanted to offer our users a great new way to enjoy their favourite content without having to worry about poor data connections and high cost of data. That’s where YouTube’s Offline feature plays an integral role and allows users to access content at their own pace. We are excited with the way our new film has turned out and hope that the audiences’ will relate to the common issue we all face on our mobile phones and embrace the offline way to enjoy YouTube.”

The ad film has a quirky, comical take on the issue of buffering videos on mobile. It shows people rotating their heads along with the rotating buffer sign capturing the frustration of an interrupted mobile video experience.

Shriram Iyer, Executive Director at Lowe Lintas defined the creative brief behind the ad campaign and said, “Watching videos online comes with a glitch called ‘buffering’. The stalling of a video spoils the experience. The idea really stems from there‎. Our team explored the idea of visually exploring the ‘buffering’ graphic, in a symbolic manner. Human heads rolling in circles, in a way, aping the buffering sign going round and round, was our comic tribute to the problem all of us face every day while watching videos online. The commercial takes a potshot at the problem and then presents YouTube Offline as the solution to this daily grievance.”

The campaign has not touched on the telecommunication industry and how India lags behind in connectivity but rather kept the conversation simple yet interesting.

It is interesting to note that YouTube being India’s largest digital video platform has taken the television route to reach its audience. This is YouTube’s first television commercial in India and it targets consumers across all walks of life as depicted in the campaign.

Google is synonymous with internet in India and as it is committed to its goal of getting Indian consumers online, its ad campaign is a step in the same direction. The TVC is an attempt to reach the non-digital consumers. Despite the positive digital trajectory of India, the masses continue to stay connected to the television. Therefore it was imperative for Google India to explore its potential consumer through television. Furthermore, the campaign is most relevant for India on back of poor internet connectivity.

Naveen Gaur, President of Lowe Lintas Delhi said, “By highlighting this biggest pain point, we wanted to leave behind a clear message for the users that now they can get buffering out of their life and enjoy their YouTube videos non-stop, whenever, wherever and as many times as they want to.”

The TVC has already garnered over 385,000 views on YouTube’s own channel and is also going viral on social media platform.