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Oath looks to attract marketers by speaking ‘the language of brand love’

Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon has launched its first global brand campaign, #BuildYourBrand, which will span nine global markets including Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The campaign emphasises Oath’s expertise in building strong brands that capture the hearts and minds of today’s consumers by combining content, data and cutting-edge technology at a massive global scale.

“We build brands that over a billion global digital consumers love. We have one simple message to mobile consumers and customers – build your brand – and we have Chuck D helping us fight the power. Your brand matters, fight for it,” said Tim Armstrong, CEO of Oath.

The campaign creative, jointly developed by Oath’s in-house creative team and partner agencies, Zenith and Squeak E. Clean, includes visuals depicting Oath’s brands as orbs, immersive augmented reality (AR) brand experiences created by RYOT, and an original brand anthem featuring the voice over and vocal stylings of the legendary Chuck D, American rapper, author and producer. This is the debut of the brand orbs with more creative explorations to come.

“Oath’s #BuildYourBrand campaign celebrates our company in a direct, emotional way for our global audience. Brand love is the language of today’s consumers, and Oath is connecting brands with over a billion crazy-in-love people,” said Allie Kline, CMO of Oath.