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OgilvyOne making its mark in Australian market

Developing the creative talent and building loyalty amongst customers for brands are the two things that is keeping OgilvyOne Sydney busy in Australia. The agency has recently partnered with Endless Rewards to develop solutions for brands to retain customer loyalty. Meanwhile creative director, OgilvyOne Sydney Rob Morrison has been selected by the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) as Head Tutor at ADMA Creative School to develop creative talent in the Australian market.

The two involvements for OgilvyOne goes to address the main issue of retaining consumer attention in the increasingly cluttered digital space. By training young professionals in envisioning and executing creative ideas, OgilvyOne along with ADMA will create a new generation of professionals who can help brands get noticed.

“My industry colleagues and I have long identified the need to nurture junior creative talent and ensure they develop a true understanding of the role creativity plays in effective marketing and direct response techniques. It’s more relevant than ever with the rapid growth of digital response. Teaching will place me at the coalface so I can make this happen. This is not about creating ‘DM clones’. The objective is to nurture the individual talents of every student. Help them find their own voice and the skills to deliver great work to match,” said Rob Morrison.

On the other hand the tie up with Endless Rewards will allow the agency to provide different approach to loyalty that will enable businesses to better engage their customers in the age of social media and mobility. During the launch of the partnership in Sydney Jerry Smith, regional president, Asia Pacific, OgilvyOne Worldwide said, “Together, OgilvyOne and Endless Rewards will deliver strategic expertise, creative excellence, software solutions and analytics as part of an end-to-end approach. The ultimate aim is to enhance customer experience to drive loyalty, as well as reduce the cost of programme deployment.”

This tie up comes at a time when businesses across financial services, retail, hospitality and other sectors are already seeing the benefits of building loyalty amongst their customers every day. In fact, now brands need more innovation to hold on to that customer.  That is why together with their creative, strategic and analytics capability, OgilvyOne and Endless Rewards look to provide a best in class retail, hospitality and commercial solution to loyalty that delivers immediate, measurable and significant business results.

“With the local explosion of social media, daily deals sites like Groupon plus global online shopping, owning the customer has become a major business challenge. Effective management of loyalty and global consumerism have become key and Endless Rewards have already demonstrated they’re ahead of the game,” said Michelle Holland, Managing Partner of OgilvyOne Sydney. Adding to this, Neil Joseph, global CEO Endless Rewards, said, “Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that the sale of a product or service is not the end of your relationship with that customer – it’s the beginning of your relationship with them.” In fact Endless Rewards has developed its platform around this premise. The solution can manage the fulfilment of rewards across multiple social, mobile and traditional channels into a single rewards account per customer, providing companies with a 360-degree view of their customer base.