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OLX’s Daastaan to reunite users with articles lost during Partition

This Independence Day was host to a large number of sales on online and as well as offline platform. Ecommerce players continued the trend of flash sales offering huge discounts and attractive deals during the three-five day shopping festival in the light of the 69th Independence Day in India. Meanwhile, there were also players who launched marketing specifically for this occasion evoking the patriotism in Indian consumers. Classifieds advertising website – OLX was present in the league of such advertisements.

Its campaign is set in an Indian household where a man fondly remembers the memories of his father and what he lost during the partition back in 1947. Their narrative is particularly evoking and reminds the pains of partition which were felt by both the nations. It was an event that separated their memories and things they loved most behind to start a life on the other side of the border.

In its latest initiative, OLX collects their memories and items from border across and reunites the items with the owner. The recently launched documentary is a representation of a memory fulfilled for the Khullar family in India.

OLX rolled the initiative on its Facebook page in India on the August 8, 2015 while on August 12, 2015, the OLX Facebook page in Pakistan carried the static content depicting the timeless association between people and goods they were separated with on back of the partition in 1947.

The Khullar family, now resident of India, showcases one’s thirst to be reunited with such items. The initiative seeks to reach out to the users to post stories of objects they wished to be reunited with on the OLX Facebook pages in India and Pakistan using the tag #TimelessStories.

To complete the story and accomplish the mission of the campaign, the brand also calls out to owners of articles from the era to post listings on the OLX websites in both countries with hashtag #Daastaan, which means the story.

The initiative of #Daastaan is a part of OLX’s larger campaign that seeks to unlock the hidden values of things in the minds of the consumer, through discovering the stories inherent in used objects.

All of this is to take the conversation beyond the product and into the larger territory of ‘timelessness’ of used goods. The campaign has been helpful in lifting engagement with consumer and associating emotions with objects sold on the platform.