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Pantene tells Thais to #SeeBeautyNotGender

Transgender people are now more acknowledged and accepted in Thailand than ever before, but there still exists an unspoken bias from the public.

Pantene Thailand and GREYnJ United wanted to celebrate the beauty of people from all walks of life, without gender boundaries.

Transgender people don’t want special treatment. They just want to be treated as normal. However, the majority of society tends to perceive transgender as ‘special’ people with ‘special’ life choices. To get this message across to the public, the brand used ordinary life stories of transgender people, stripped of all bias and stereotypes.

These are real and authentic moments that are not often portrayed in the media and majority of the time go unseen by the public. The film also featured LGBT celebrities; Treechada Petcharat, also known as Poyd (Thai and international super star, Miss International Queen), Kulchaya Tansiri (Miss Trans Star Thailand 2018), Nicha Rongram (Committee of The Foundation of Transgender Alliance for Human Rights), Nijshanaaj Sudlarphaar, also known as Sarina Thai (First Thai transgender model on NYFW Runway since 2013, until now) and Tachanan Khontrong (Actress).

They then challenged common perceptions by asking the question, “What do you see?” And encouraged people to #SeeBeautyNotGender via interactive Facebook and Instagram stories, which in turn led people to discuss these issue on other online media platforms too.

Based on real insights with a fresh creative approach, the campaign is the first step towards building a more inclusive society for every gender.

The campaign will run through to September and is online, on Instagram and on Facebook.