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Paper Boat’s campaign #FloatsABoat on social media

With monsoons hitting the National Capital of India, majority of the residents are complaining about the petty conditions of the road and potholes but brands in India are viewing this opportunity in a different light. Paper Boat, a subsidiary of Hector Beverages, has launched a campaign #FloatABoat to welcome the monsoon this year.

The social media campaign conceptualised by Karishma Lintas is committed to treat the social media users with joyful childhood memories related to monsoons – Paper Boat. It questions, how many adults actually remember all the folds to make a paper boat.

In contrast to the traditional media route to bid to gain incremental viewers on television and stay dedicate to a larger consumer base, Paper Boat sought after social media conversations by initiating a trip down the memory lane.

“Social media is a more personal medium and it makes the consumer interactive. Therefore, the conversations which take place on social media are more personal and impactful,” said Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive National Director of Lowe Lintas and Partners explaining their approach towards social media.

He further added that the campaign is targeting consumer in the age bracket of 25-35 and holds a strong affinity to their childhood memories. The brand Paper Boat works on similar parameters as it is closely associated to simplicity and joy. The social activation of the campaign urges the consumer to relive those childhood memories, added Mr Ramaswamy.

Paper Boat via its official account on Twitter posted the a video saying, “Strange that grownups can forget how to do this special thing! Have you forgotten? Then bring it back!”. In bid to engage the customer with the brand and memories related to paper boat it tweeted, “Good folk of Twitter, lend us your boats! For each paper boat, we give Rs.20 towards a child’s education.”

The campaign urged the consumers to create a paper boat, upload a picture of the same and share it with their followers on Twitter with #FloatABoat. So far, 785 boats have been uploaded, according to information on its website.

The campaign does not fall short on its social responsibility either. For every paper boat image uploaded on its platform, INR 20 would be donated towards Children education in India. For the holistic development of underprivileged children, Paper Boat has collaborated with Parivaar, a Bengal-based organisation.

In the second innings, Paper Boat has joined forces with Amazon and Paytm, where the ecommerce platforms will be sending letters to its consumers who have made purchases. The letter with educate them about the social cause and encourage them to be a part of the movement.

Mr Ramaswamy believes that there is lot of buzz around social media and a lot of brands are adopting the route in a big way. “The act of sharing and commenting on social media gives more weight to the campaign. It shows that the consumer believes in the campaign,” he added.