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Penguin Books takes the digital route to get next gen readers

It is a common human behaviour to discuss the latest things happening around us – the news we hear or the movies we see or the books we read. For the young adults today, the pleasure of learning is not in the crisp crackling of an open newspaper, or the ink smell of a new book, it is in the click of a mouse or in the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Reading and learning has gone to the digital platform.

Market research shows that teens and young adults today seek the online space for knowledge and information, and even for reading new novels. To tap into that user segment, and get them reading and discussing, Penguin Books India has launched its website www.penguininked.com. This website will bolster the publishing house’ latest imprint for young adults called INKED. The online presence of this imprint is expected to help Penguin Books reach out to a growing number of young online readers.

Andrew Phillips, CEO, Penguin Books India, explains that Penguin Inked will offer original and fresh writing across different genres and formats. “It is a great opportunity for us to bring exciting stories to a broad audience, hungry for good books. Everyone at Penguin India is delighted to be launching our new YA imprint, Inked. This category has grown enormously in the last few years around the world,” Phillips says.

For higher user engagement, Penguin plans to keep content dynamic that will cater to the readers fascinating information, viewpoints and such. This will also be a platform for new writers to showcase their skill and ideas. “We want to encourage Young Adults from the age group of 13 – 21 year willing to take their next big step into the world of innovation and dive in the pool of knowledge it has to offer. This new initiative by Penguin Books India is a fresh idea to indulge youngsters to express their views and read new stories this summer,” he adds.

In fact, to keep the readers engaged, the digital platform will have content beyond new books like discussions about latest trends, music and art which can captivate the young audience. According to Phillips, Penguin Inked is meant to be a platform where youngsters can unleash their thoughts and express individual views, and give words to them.

Penguin has also set up a dedicated Facebook community. Currently it is running a Twitter campaign called the INKSTER hunt, where the young readers are being asked express their creativity in all forms, be it singing, dancing, art, and of course writing. According to company INKED and INKSTER have received a massive response from the target audience with over 20,000 users.