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People > Technology + Brands, reminds SapientNitro’s K V Sridhar

Some marketers argue that with technological innovation and big data entering the marketing industry, creatives have taken a back seat and advertisers have forgotten how to create a connect with the consumers. But KV Sridhar (Pops), Chief Creative Officer at SapientNitro brought at different view in his address at Mobillion India 2015.

He stated that there are three main elements which must be taken into consideration in the advertising mechanism – technology, brands and people. For people in mobile marketing scenario he said, “Marketers need to find a connect with people as they are using mobile everywhere in an unpredictable way.”

Consumers are looking for something more than just flashy advertisement and graphics, they are looking for connect, according to Pops. “Marketers need to find a place in the hearts of people because if they do not believe in the marketer, they will not believe in the advertisement,” he said.

He used the example of Amazon Café and proved that technology and brand can be used to create a product that blends with the consumer. “You must find people and observe them. Only then advertising will be meaningful,” added Pops.

Therefore, technology must be used in way that it adds to the meaning of the branding message and consequently people will embrace the brand. Technology should be used to complement the efforts of the advertiser and not guide the marketing objective of the brand. Mobile opens a pool for opportunities for marketers in India but care must be taken that the creativity and connection with the consumer does not get compromised in the process.