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P&G takes digital shift seriously

Proctor & Gamble one of the leading consumer goods companies globally is realising the importance of shifting to digital marketing as a way to capture the new generation of consumers. The company is looking to build a “lifelong, one-to-one relationships in real time with every person in the world,” said Marc Pritchard, global marketing and brand building officer, P&G. He announced this during a recent conference in P&G headquarters in Cincinnati. In fact to better understand the consumers in the fast growing Asia Pacific region, especially Japan, P&G has appointed Miaozhen Systems(Moment Systems), China’s leading third-party advertising technology company, as online campaign measurement provider in Japan

The company is looking at not digital marketing but brand building in the digital world. According to Pritchard one of the reasons for going to the digital space is to drive up lower cost sales, besides trying to reach more consumers. This decision was taken to make most of the increased adoption of mobile devices and smartphones.

The company not aims to use technology to understand consumer’s unique needs and deliver. Pritchard said that he wants to focus on anytime, anywhere shopping. In fact the company in Asia Pacific has been testing waters with mobile campaigns for its Pantene brand of shampoos. Sometime ago the company had worked on a campaign to promote the Pantene shampoo to women in Jakarta, Indonesia. The reaction was positive and the brand noticed increased sales because of the mobile campaign which focussed on giving women targeted solutions for their hair issues.

And it is not only Pritchard who is saying so, the mandate actually comes from CEO Bob McDonald, who had said during a marketing event, “”We’re using technology to shift our spending from more traditional advertising on television to digital and mobile advertising. We’re using technology to more effectively and efficiently target consumers, allowing us to build one on one personal relationship with every consumer.”