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Pixel Media and Microsoft get Skype to Hong Kong

Microsoft Advertising and Pixel Media, a digital advertising sales network, have joined hands to help advertisers in Hong Kong reach consumers on Skype. Microsoft Advertising has made Skype advertising inventory available in the market. The addition of the Skype advertising inventory enables advertisers in the territory to reach consumers on MSN.com.hk, as well as on Windows Live Hotmail and Messenger. Pixel Media will be the exclusive advertising representative of Skype in Hong Kong.

Leslie Chu, general manager of Microsoft Advertising in Hong Kong and Taiwan said, “We’re excited that advertisers in Hong Kong can now be part of the Skype experience. By including Skype into MSN, Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail, we are able to offer advertisers unparalleled reach across very intimate and unique communication platforms.” According to the company, Skype provides brands access to a platform that has broad global reach and engagement with more than 200 million connected users per month – while also supporting large–‐format, rich and interactive ads. Skype provides advertisers with an intimate social platform that has broad reach and engagement across a global peer–‐to–‐peer network. Skype calls total more than 300 billion minutes annually, with approximately 50 percent of these minutes in video calls. In addition, there are more than 40 million users on Skype at any given moment.

Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixel Media said, “We are pleased Microsoft selected us to be part of this new and exciting product. Skypelets us help advertisers reach their desired audience on a highly respected platform. Skype is an important addition to the digital advertising landscape in Hong Kong.” Advertisers on Skype have a unique opportunity to be part of the Skype experience, which enables people around the world to connect when they are apart through voice and video calling, instant messaging, conferencing, file and screen sharing and more. In fact Inventory on Skype is already seeing support from local advertisers in Hong Kong. Galaxy Macau has become the first advertiser on the platform. Talking about the experience, Herbert Lam, regional director of Universal McCann, the agency for Galaxy Macau said, “With a strong brand affinity, loyal users and long dwell times, Skype is a great way to ignite interest in Galaxy Macau’s first anniversary campaign. We are pleased that Galaxy Macau is the first advertiser in Hong Kong to be part of the Skype experience.”