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Pixel Media puts Halloween bash on mobile in Hong Kong

Halloween is about a month away, but the mobile users in Hong Kong can have some Halloween fun on their mobile phones courtesy Hong Kong’s leading theme park, Ocean Park and some natty mobile apps by Pixel Media. Ocean Park has tied up with Discuss and Uwant.com, a lifestyle forum, MediaCom Interaction and Mobile by Pixel Media to promote its Halloween Bash 2012 via mobile platform. 

This year Ocean Park will host over eight haunted houses and other Halloween themed events during its annual Halloween bash 2012 starting mid September till October 31st. Seeing an increased mobile usage for sharing and playing on the mobile, Ocean Park decided to take its Halloween fun on to the mobile platform. Vivian Lee, marketing director at Ocean Park said, “We are witnessing an increasing trend towards mobile usage and sharing amongst our visitors and to us this is a significant move that we are making towards investing into platforms that our visitors are on.”

The company also tied up with Networld Technologies in Hong Kong that runs two very popular discussion forums www.discuss.com.hk, and www.uwants.com to get the chatter going on the mobile on the latest happenings at the Halloween events in Ocean Park. “By providing a unified platform on Discuss and Uwants Mobile Applications where our visitors frequently share, we ensure that we are providing them with the same consistent level of quality and experience that we provide to them on online as well as in our park”, she added.

Mediacom and Mobile by Pixel Media, representing Ocean Park and Discuss and Uwants Mobile respectively came up with the idea of extending the excitement onto the mobile platform and making the once a year experience on the go. Talking about the choice of the forum, Titus Au-Yeung, deputy general manager of Pixel Media said, “With over 800,000 downloads on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the Discuss and Uwants mobile applications are the undisputed #1 in terms of download and usage of any forum in Hong Kong.” According to Olivia Shum, director of MediaCom Interaction, this partnership allowed the agency to think out of the box and capitalize on the increasingly creative advertising and sponsorship opportunities available on mobile for its client Ocean Park.

So the two agencies together created one of the first mobile integrated campaigns in Hong Kong – Ocean Park Halloween Zones’ on the iPhone and Android for Discuss’ and Uwants’ mobile apps.  Oscar Leung, General Manager of Networld, owner and operator of Discuss and Uwants, said, “ We are pleased to be able to present to Ocean Park an interesting and exciting opportunity to be the first major brand to run a mobile integrated campaign on our mobile apps. Our users will surely find value in this and we are pleased to help make their experience at Halloween Bash a lot more fun and exciting.”

Within each of the zones, mobile users will be able to share the experiences at Halloween Bash, find out general information about the event, upload photos and vote on each of the 8 haunted houses via interactive poll. In addition, all the postings and sharing can also be viewed online in their respective websites. “Increasingly we are looking to help advertisers extend their campaigns on mobile and beyond standard ad formats. Promoting Halloween Bash with this integrated content, poll and photo sharing functions will certainly open up exciting new opportunities for the mobile advertising ecosystem in the country,” commented Au-Yeung.