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Priceline Pharmacy’s spot shows diverse beauty choices for women

Priceline Pharmacy has launched another new film under its ‘100% Woman’ brand platform with a new ‘100% Beauty’ execution created by Ogilvy Melbourne. The new film launches across multiple television and digital networks this week as a part of the ‘Beauty of You’ campaign.

With this in mind, Priceline’s latest spot features snapshots of Australian women engaging in their own unique beauty moments and rituals. Through the mirror, it captures a diverse range of women striving for their own version of beautiful with the help of Priceline products. Using a combination of real women together with Priceline’s ambassadors, Ita Buttrose, Ada Nicodemou and Sam Harris, the new execution aims to celebrate women of all ages and ethnicities.

Mark O’Keefe, Priceline Pharmacy’s General Manager of Marketing said, “With three million Australian women shopping at Priceline every month, we have built our business around the understanding that women are not one dimensional. They are career women, mothers, teenagers, grandmothers, students. They come from all different backgrounds and ethnicities. They all have a different idea of what beauty means to them and those insights are important to us and worth celebrating.”

David Ponce de León, Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy Melbourne said, “By focusing on beauty for this campaign, we were able to showcase those unique moments in the routines of Australian women. With beauty in mind, we partnered with renowned director Ash Bolland to bring these stories to life. We were after an artistic sensibility to women and beauty that only he could deliver.”

Filmmaker and director Ash Bolland was recently involved in directing Lighting the Sails: Audio Creatures at The Sydney Opera House. Lighting the Sails is the glowing centerpiece of Vivid, Sydney’s festival of light, music and ideas.

Priceline Pharmacy’s 100% Woman platform first launched in October 2016 set to the catchy ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ track. Past executions in the campaign include health focused spots and most recently, a celebration of Priceline’s partnerships with women in sport.

Says Mr O’Keefe, “Women come to Priceline Pharmacy for the day-to-day essentials, for health products and advice and for gifts. But they also come to our stores for the professional beauty inspiration and advice from our beauty experts. We are proud to be a destination that provides all of this for all Australian women regardless of age or ethnicity.”